Jen Hanzlick's keynote, Humanizing Hoarding, helps people truly understand what someone suffering from hoarding disorder is feeling and facing. She can speak on topics such as being a woman business owner and compassion for hoarders. Her passion and enthusiasm shine through in every speech. 

Keynote Speech

Jen on the TEDx Boulder stage - What do you think of when you see a hoarder? Jennifer will challenge your notions of why hoarding is a widespread disorder and how those living through it need our empathy and care if they are truly to be cured.  

Title: Humanizing Hoarding

Jennifer is the voice of her clients suffering from hoarding disorder. It is complex, it is challenging, and she offers hope.

Everyone knows someone who is faced with having too much stuff. How do you know when too much stuff is a problem? When is the right time to call for help?

She shares stories that will make you reconsider how you treat other people.

You will rethink how judgment impacts every decision. You will understand the consequences of shame. You will walk away from this talk with a new respect and understanding of the mental illness and be inspired to act differently.

Her keynotes covers these topics:

  • The person next door

  • What stories can teach us

  • We ALL know of someone suffering

  • Shame - lowest human emotion

  • The answer is compassion

Training & Workshop

Title: Hands On Help

She can design and deliver a custom workshop to meet the needs of the organization, such as service providers or the senior community. She can tell you what you need to know about Hoarding Disorder and how can help. Her focus is on the person not the clutter.

Workshop Topics:

  • Tips and techniques to help those suffering
  • Defining and Identifying Hoarding Disorder
  • Safety inside homes
  • Family involvement
  • Bring back passion
  • Long term maintenance
  • Language: verbal and nonverbal
  • Call to action for therapists

Helping Hoarders


"I first heard Jennifer speak at the St. Joseph monthly meeting and I was beyond moved and inspired. Her personal journey and intimate experience with hoarding cut deep into the hearts of the audience.

I have heard hundreds of speakers over the year and Jennifer was one of the most raw, open and honest speakers I’ve encountered. 

There was no sign of judgment, jokes or uneasiness - simply a compassionate team with a heart to help those who cannot longer help themselves. There is hope."

- Ky Agnew


"I’ve been attending these monthly meetings for years and must admit that many of the presenters are very much alike in their 10-minute talks about their agencies, services, etc.  

Jennifer was going to present about Clutter Trucker.  The story was different from any other I’ve heard because it was her personal story. 

People were in rapt attention.  It was so different that it took a while for people to begin to ask questions about her company.  

There were even tears in the audience!   Very unusual and memorable."

- Sister Georganne Quinlan 


Jen has a HUGE and positive road ahead of her. She is going to make such an impact on the hoarding world - those who live in it, families/friends who deal with it and the authorities who need to understand more about it.

- Leslie Baum


WOW! Jen has a tremendous amount of compassion to do what she does, and it inspires me to be even more open-hearted to people I come across in life.

- Jennah Synnestevedt


She was one of my favorites! Her story was compelling from being in a bus with crying twin babies to starting the company - I was inspired!

- Shelley Beasley


Compassion is the exact right word for her. Her entire story was amazing and gave myself something to dig in and think about. What an inspirational story and great work that many overlook.

- Katy Meuer

I felt so much compassion for the disease of hoarding that I never knew I felt or had ever felt before. Jen really takes you through the foot steps of a hoarder and how terrible the disease is, but also how hard and shameful these hoarders truly feel. Her story about the two babies and the man that helped hold her crying baby on the bus - straight to my heart. I felt compelled to try and help a stranger just to show compassion.

- Tricia Cusack

I LOVED this talk. I love how she brought us into the internal world of a hoarder mentally, emotionally and physically. I left with a deeper understanding of the mental disorder and compassion for those who suffer from it. Jen gave me hope that there are wonderful people out in the world helping the "hidden" people make huge shifts and transformations in their lives.

- Jennifer McSween

Recent Speaking Events

Evoso Live Boulder - June 2016

State of Colorado Human Services Training - March 2015

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials - September 2014

Jennifer recently spoke at the Crankset Group with Chuck Blakeman for the Business Leaders Insight Lunch.  She shared her experiences,  the foundation and the building blocks learned from Crankset to help build her business, Clutter Trucker.