I was working with Andy to help him clean up his home. Andy was a veteran and suffers from  PTSD. He had been working with a person at the local VA. He had been to a hoarding support group with others that live in similar cluttered situations.  He had also researched all about hoarding and had a good intellectual understanding of the challenges he faced. 

Yet he still had issues with letting things go. 

When it came to cleaning his home he could feel the issues as they moved through his body.  When we began to work together, he became very aware of the sensations and his body started to tense up. Emotion began to swell and rise within. 

He had glasses so I could hardly see the tears in his eyes, but I noticed he was slowing down.  I paused while filling a trash bag and asked him what was happening. 

He said “I am not sure why but this is really hard for me. I know that I should let the tupperware go, but it is really hard right now” 

I told him to breath.  Take a moment and breath.  Deep breaths in and out. He went to the bathroom to gather himself.  I told him not to attach any meaning to the tears and the anxiety in his body. I told him to continue to breath and we would slow down and get him through the moment.  

He was so patient with himself and we were able to continue our session.  The importance of our breath is underestimated. Deep breathing can help to regulate your body and free your mind. Deep breathing will allow emotions to come and and move through your body and that is a good. 

Breathe in and breathe out. Inhale and exhale. 

Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we die. We often do not think about it but we should.  Consider focusing on the breath throughout your days. When you catch yourself holding your breath or breathing shallow, become aware take a moment and breath.