Once we make a decision and really decide we want change, we often get impatient. We want to take action and see results immediately.  Sometimes this expectation can cause overwhelm and even stop us in our tracks. 

This can happen when you decide to lose weight, eat healthy, get out of debt or declutter.  And if you are trying to do all of these at once, then look out!! .

Before setting goals and changing habits, focus on the WHY. The first step is really understanding WHY.  Why do I want change? Write it out, get it on paper and understand why you want to change? 

Your power is in the answer and lasting change comes from getting clear on the answer to WHY?  If your Big Why is big enough, it will get you out of bed , ready to take action and keep you motivated.

Once you are clear on why you want to change, you have to understand that your brain mind doesn’t like change and may try to stop you! That little voice may speak up loud and clear and tell you; . 

This is too hard. 

I can’t do this.  

I am not sure where to begin. 

This will take too long. 

How did I let it get this bad? 

Why do I live like this? 

These thoughts are not the truth.  You do not have to believe them or follow them down the rabbit hole. 

Take a little time out during  the day to sit in stillness and become aware of the thoughts swimming in your head. Are they friendly, encouraging and supportive? 

These defeating thoughts are just thoughts. That’s it. You can learn to  treat them as such. You can talk back to that voice who wants to quit. Nicely say, I CAN do this or thank you for trying to help,  but I don’t want to believe or listen to you, that voice in my head telling me to quit. 

Then take a little action.  Sometimes a little action can create great momentum.  You can start with one area, like a countertop. On a good day that may turn into the whole kitchen!  On another day it may be just the counter top. Celebrate that win and be nice to yourself. 

Then little by little, without worry or stress, you will see lasting change. 

Beating yourself up, telling yourself you are no good will not help. That is just the little gremlin voice who wants to be heard. 

The key here is to recognize the gremlin and become aware of defeating thoughts.  We all have them. It’s time to make friends with them. You don’t have to get angry, you just have to become aware. 

Those thoughts have been circling around in your head for years and years, likely from childhood. And lasting change comes when you start to realize that these thoughts are not helping. 

Starting with a good foundation and a clear understanding of why can set you up for long term change.  Be patient and enjoy the journey and take some before and after photos to celebrate!