We crazy human beings have thoughts, ideas, stereotypes and judgments that don’t always make sense.  One example is how we deal with poop. The act of pooping and cleaning up poop. Specifically, other people’s poop.  We think it is gross and disgusting, and we have been thinking that since the beginning of time.

Ask yourself why? It is normal and natural to poop.  Our bodies are miracles and pooping is just another miracle.  How can something that is necessary to live be considered so disgusting? It doesn’t smell great and it does carry bacteria, but everyone does it and holding on to your shit is never good.

We can and should practice good hygiene and etiquette, but sometimes things can go wrong. I see it everyday.  As we age, pooping and cleaning up poop can become problematic. Due to illness, sickness, and physical disability,  the bathroom can become a place that is full of shit.

Once the shit gets on the floors, walls, bathtub, clothes, and toilet, the person pooping becomes humiliated in their own homes.  Once judgement, shame, terror and humiliation creeps in, the difficulty to get helps intensifies. It becomes a downward spiral.

Some people could never understand how something can get so out of hand. They could never imagine themselves in this circumstance.  I do understand how it can happen. It happens all the time. It is something that should not be scolded or condemned.

Anxiety, depression and overwhelm can paralyze a person.

In bathrooms everywhere I see what happens when life itself becomes too hard to deal with. The bathroom is just another reflection of someone in need of help.

You do not have to go into hiding and feel less than human because you have shit on the floors. Many, many people need help cleaning up shit. Don’t be afraid to ask and accept help. And many, many people are able to clean up shitty bathrooms with laughter, smiles, gloves, and disinfectant.