We all have the opportunity to make the world a better place.  Look around and you will see the current state of affairs can look bleek. Depending on your focus the world can feel like it is coming undone.  Well it isn’t. The world is speaking up and screaming and letting us  know that enough is enough.

Sometimes we have to know  what we don’t like,  in order to find out what we do like. We have to see so much pain and suffering to make us change. Right now that is what is happening. But fighting back is not the answer.  Complaining, negativity, despair and frustration is not the answer.

Kindness,  love and positivity is what  changes things.

How do you know. Try it out. See what happens if you run into situation that is less than desirable. An argument, and attitude.. If you respond in anger and frustration, it amplifies get bigger. If you respond it a different manner it can change completely.   The energy you put out can create a positive change. And that is the ONE thing we can control. Change your attitude and watch what happens in your life.  If you can think you can make a difference and control the culture by complaining you can’t. You can not change what happens to you, you can change how you respond.

And when you respond with positive, love and kindness,  the world will change with you, one heart at a time.