Not every client interaction is full of anxiety, pain, tears and stress. Some of our days are spent laughing, listening to music and making fun, even in the tough situations. 

It was a love-hate thing with Sally, who was one of my favorite clients. She has a love of shoes, clothes, and purses.  In contrast she hates to throw away mail, newspapers and magazines.  This deadly combination of behavior landed her in a tough position.

She was facing eviction from her two bedroom apartment. At 93 she still had her wits about her but needed a lot of help. She was aware of the consequences of her actions and was ready to stay in her home!  

She would have been  great on reality tv! I can only remember a few of her one-liners’.  

Clutter Trucker Crew:  Sallylook at all these shoes, do you really wear all these shoes? 

Sally:  Well NOOOO, not all at one time. 

Clutter Trucker Crew:  Here are some shorts that can probably be donated they look too small for you now.  

Sally:  You mean “booty shorts” like on that show Two and a Half Men where Charlie gets a booty call! 

Clutter Trucker Team:  How about this shirt, do you still wear it or can it go? 

Sally:  No way that one stays.. I saw a picture of it Glamour magazine and I’m keeping it!  

She was full of personality and fun. It certainly was not easy for her to clean up her place but with the right mix of humor, gentle reminders and patience  we finished the project. Not only did she avoid eviction, she started with a clean place and was ready to keep it up!