It is estimated 2%-5% of the population is suffering from hoarding disorder. That is 1 in 20 of us. There are more people suffering from hoarding than alzheimer's disease, but you won’t know it. They are living silently behind closed doors with the blinds pulled down afraid to come out.

We have a whole community of people spread across the nation who are hurting and that is not okay.

Are we all hurting so much on our own that we can’t stop and pause for a minute to understand or help someone else?

People wonder what can they do to help a nation who seems to be hurting more and more everyday.  Shootings, poverty, illness,  murder and evil do exist and what can you do about it?   


Love people.

Love yourself.

Love your neighbor.

Love your family.

Focus on the good and not the bad. Understand that it exists and then turn your energy, your heart and your thoughts to the goodness.

I see people who are hurting everyday. It is time to change. It starts with one person.