There are moments in life that force you to listen, to change your ways, to grow and learn.  They can be small events or big ones. The key is to be able to recognize these events for what they truly are and not ignore them.   

I had one of these moments when a 2000 lb hot tub fell on my back. As the owner of a junk removal business I have accumulated a few war stories and this one I’ll never forget. It was July 17th, a 100 degree day and we were called to get rid of a hot tub. I figure we’ve done it before we can do it again, no problem.  

Me, my MOM and her husband and one huge hot tub.  The look on the guys face said it all as he saw 2 women and 1 man come to get rid of his enormous hot tub.   We begin to roll the tub end over end across the yard and I see his eyes change from confusion to shear amazement.  We impressed him I know! 

We got the tub to the street and thankfully he paid us, went inside, shut the door and did not witness what was about to unfold! As we attempted   to heave the sucker up on the truck, we lost it and I was under it.  As it was falling on my back, I rolled out from underneath it, making it just in time. A lady driving in a car saw what happened slammed on the brakes and offered assistance. I jumped up quickly, scraped, bruised and pissed and said, I’m ok!  It hurt my body and my ego,  but didn’t crush me entirely.     

In the hours that past I realized how stupid I was to put myself in that position:  literally and figuratively.  If you can picture the Atlas Shrugged statue of the man holding the earth on his back, that is what I felt and how it looked.  I was a business owner, trying to do everything! Trying to run the business, build the business and be the business. The weight of the world was on my shoulders.   I couldn’t sustain that anymore than I could hold the weight of a hot tub on my back.  So I had a breakdown, cried and cried and thought why the heck did I start this business ?  I began to question everything.   

With the help of a good friend I figured out this breakdown would be my breakthrough.  I needed to take the business to the next level.  I needed to hire employees.  

I used to think that irrational confidence would allow anyone to do anything they wanted.  As a CrossFitter, I always try to push myself further, but even trying to carry hot tubs was a bit extreme even for a CrossFitter!   

While I still think that it is extremely important to have this kind of unexplained confidence and push yourself.  I think that life can break you down if you let it. Be confident  in yourself and allow your break down to become your breakthrough!  






Statisc.. helpful harmful. 

I remember sitting in church listening to Coach Joe McCarthy, head of the promise keepers and coach for CU. As an athlete I was excited about his presentation.  He was talking about fathers and the role they have in their children’s lives. As I sat and listened to him ramble off statistic after statistic about how disadvantaged children who are raised by single parents and how they would be likely to use drugs, go to jail or have babies.  It really bothered me to the point I left.  In all fairness I learned later the end of his presentation was encouraging, but I didn’t wait to hear it. . I was that parent who was not married.  I made choices at the age of 18 that resulted in my having twins at the age of 19.  My kids were good, motivated, caring, responsible, and fun kids.  I couldn’t listen to the depressing statistic any longer.