In 2008 I was laid off from my 11-year job in Corporate America. I wish I could say I quit on my own to find my passion and build a business. This is not the case. I was forced to make a change.

After 3 months, a few too many Oprah shows, an open mind and a massive clean out of my hoarding grandparents home,  I started Clutter Trucker. I knew I wanted to help others who were knee deep in the clutter and emotionally exhausted. I was inspired to create my own Extreme Home Makeover business. 

Fast forward 8 years and Clutter Trucker has helped hundreds of people affected by hoarding disorder. I’ll take all of the tears, the hugs and bags filled with trash  AND  loosing my job any day!

My hoarding clients are often forced to change too. A knock on the door. It’s the authorities. Maybe the landlord. Maybe a case worker.  They are here to say you can’t live like this. Things must change.

What do you do? You must make a decision. I know it’s not easy and you may need to channel a  bit of Oprah too.  

Don’t fight what you can’t control. Look beyond the fact that someone is forcing you to change. Accept what you already know deep down in your gut. Change is growth. 

Just like me after losing my job, This may be a new beginning. A better future, whether you asked for it or not!