Compassion is taking action alongside someone in an effort to fill them up and make them whole, even if only temporarily.

Life, circumstance and situations may be extremely difficult for some. Not everyone has the same opportunities, childhood or past experiences.  Compassion understand differences.

Our minds are wonderful, and beautiful and powerful. Our minds if left alone for too long can also spiral into unknown,  terrifying places. Compassion embraces uncomfortable scenes. The ugly side of life, the struggle and discomfort is not enough to scare away compassion. It stays. It is strong and can stand up when needed.

An energy of connectedness and deep understanding when someone is hurting and in pain. It is looking into the eyes of the person, seeing the hurt with a gut feeling they need help.

Compassion is nourishment for all souls.

Compassion is a young military man on a Greyhound bus in the middle of the night. He see’s an abused  teenage mom alone with two crying infants. She is scared, upset, and embarrassed. He gently sits next to her and asks if he can rock one of the babies to sleep. He does. Then rocks the other one to sleep.  While the rest of the bus is angry and annoyed.

Is it noble? Maybe, but who receives the benefit, the reward? The giver or the one suffering? The answer is both.

Compassion is a muscle, the more your experience it inside the more it grows.  The more fulfilled you are,  the more everyone who comes in your path is touched.

Imagine what kind of place we would live in if each and every one of us was purposeful in being compassionate. More kindness. More understanding. Less Suffering.

Compassion is shoveling the snow of your neighbor’s house because they are suffering depression and can’t get out of bed.   While others on the block get angry, gossip or call the authorities.

Compassion is soft, sensitive, and patient. It is a gentle whisper and a light touch that says I am here for you in this moment, ready to take action.

Suffering. Everyone suffers at some time. Look through a different lense and understand what you see is not all there is to a story. It may be one page in one chapter of a very intense book of their life.

Compassion is more than feeling sorry for a specific situation. It is reaching deep down, ignoring all of your own preconceived ideas, all of your past experiences and truths. It is looking at a situation from another point of view and trying to adapt, relate, understand and ultimately help.