It’s  easier to speak you mind, disagree, show emotion and cast your ideas on family members rather than a disinterested third party.  Comfort, security and years of built in family dynamic are the culprit.

Unintentionally you may do more harm than good by attempting to help your loved one with their hoarding challenges. Too much emotion. Unrealistic expectations. Disappointment and fear you just can’t hide even with your best poker face. 

Often, the entire relationship is focused on one area of life. Clutter. Junk. Trash.  Call it what you want, but it overtakes more than the space in the house.   Its tuns into the topic of every discussion.

There is more to your mom or dad  than the living conditions. Focus on the good characteristics,  and let a professional work on the things that need changing.

Take this example; Mary was a client and she had rooms full of unopened toys. Her intention was to give these gifts, she was lacking in implementation. Compliment her on her kindness and generosity and find a better solution.  She had the most giving soul I had ever seen. Focus on that. Support and celebrate when small changes occur.

I learned the hard way. I know how easy it is to take advantage and overstep boundaries with family. Years ago my daughter was running operations of Clutter Trucker and at this time the business felt like a child. It was all we ever talked about. It defined me and my focus was overbearing.

I lost sight of the family dynamic. Until the day she went into labor with her son!

He decided to come 2 weeks early and I wasn’t prepared!  She was dilated to 5, in pain and ready to go to the hospital. I panicked.. I don’t know how to run payroll!! You can not go to the hospital yet.  Hurled over the computer, grabbing her side every five minutes, she completed payroll before leaving!

Looking back that was ridiculous on my part! Unreasonable expectation.