This message is for my clients. I not only want to walk alongside you, help you and  represent you,  I want you to  inspire you.

I want you to read this and be brave. I want you to know that not everyone is judging you, making fun and fascinated by your ability to accumulate "stuff".

I am fortunate to see you behind the closed door and pulled back blinds and I have your back. I get to talk to you for hours on the phone and hear the pain and shame in your voice.

It is my hope that you stand up, speak up and be fearless. I hope that your neighbors, your family, your city officials will get educated, become aware and think differently about you.  

I want you to practice self compassion. Stop judging yourself. Stop talking badly about yourself. Get out of isolation and speak your mind. Be brave.

Let everyone else know that all of the helpful decluttering tips like “If you haven't used it in a year then donate it.” “ If you buy one new item, then get rid of one old item in your house”,” a cluttered house is a cluttered mind”. This is another language to someone suffering from hoarding. It is like giving someone a tylenol instead of penicillin and telling them to feel better. It’s the wrong prescription.

If you know or suspect you know a person who suffers from hoarding disorder look beyond the clutter. Get to know the person.  Get them out of the house. Give them fresh air and a good conversation. Give them a healthy fresh cooked meal. Be nice.