Jennifer was one of the most raw, open and honest speakers I’ve encountered.
Jennifer’s personal journey and intimate experience with hoarding cut deep into the hearts of the audience.

About Jennifer

Throughout Jennifer’s  life, she has had moments when receiving compassion from strangers  changed the course of her life. She understands the powerful impact that kindness has on another person.

Jennifer has a captivating story and has faced many challenges in life. She has had the courage to move forward and use every lesson that she learned to benefit others. Her journey from surviving to thriving is thought-provoking and emotional.

WIth a flourishing business of 8 years; Clutter Trucker,  she is now able to speak on the practical aspects of  building a hoarding clean out business.  She has learned how judgement is harmful for both parties.  This universal message applies to both business and personal relationships. 

Her experience has given her insights on the best way to work alongside someone who is suffering from this mental illness and how to develop a program that works. Her message goes beyond the issue of hoarding. It reaches the human condition. 

It is Jennifer's mission to be the voice of all of her “hoarders”. They are isolated, scared and silent.  She wants awareness and education to lead the way to research and treatment.  Her message is simple. It starts with Compassion....