After getting laid off from Corporate America, she took a big risk, bought a dump truck and started a hoarding cleanup company in 2008.  She named it Clutter Trucker. 

Running as far away from the banks, the bailouts, and bonuses,  she set out to help those suffering from hoarding disorder. It is surprisingly prevalent in society and families, communities, and government agencies all deal with this complex mental illness. 

The original intent was to remove the junk, the trash, the contaminated furniture, and broken appliances all with compassion and non-judgment.  Jennifer's Grandmother was "a hoarder" and she understood that it was not a living condition she chose.  It was a difficult and emotional process to cleanup her grandmother's house.

Jennifer and her mother had the strength, knowledge and stomach to work together cleaning up her grandmother's house under shockingly dirty and emotional conditions. 

Once her grandmother's house was cleaned out, Jennifer understood what someone with hoarding disorder must go through on a daily basis. She knew, all too well, the feeling of being ashamed, embarrassed, anxious, and scared. She had been there too.

She decided to hire more employees, grow the hoarding cleanup business and help more people that were suffering from hoarding disorder.

  Jen speaking at TEDx Boulder in Colorado. 

Jen speaking at TEDx Boulder in Colorado. 

Along the way, she has learned valuable life lessons and can help others gain momentum and inspiration. Starting with curiosity and kindness helps challenge old limiting beliefs and behaviors. The result with help change lives.... starting with your own. 


Jen was recently featured on Nicole DeBoom's podcast.  

They talked about many subjects such as their upcoming big-time talk at eTown on June 9th, the power of community in raising kids, especially when you’re 19 and you just had unplanned twins, how exercise helps you “get out of your head” even when things seem insurmountably impossible, the ins & outs of hoarding: How hoarding is a mental illness that affects 2-5% of the population, and how to gracefully help people through the lowest points of their lives.

You can download the episode here.